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Usage :
It ' s one of the most advanced production lines with matured technology and stability in China . Compared with other same kind equipment , it ' s over 3 0 % higher in overall efficiency . Line is suitable for PS , PP , PE sheet as well .

PETG sheet
PETG is called low temperature PET , it ' s a new environment - friendly packing material with features such as high luster , good transparency , excellent barrier property , self - adhesion , which is used for glue bonding and high - frequency processing .

CPET sheet
CPET is a kind of modified PET with good resistance to high temperature , it is usually used for package in microwave oven .

PET stereoscopic optical grating sheet
It can be used as top grade package for cosmetics , medicine , tobacco alcohol and common goods such as stationery , advertisements , posters and all kinds of cards .

PLAis a kind of line shape aliphatic polyesters . PLA can be used in rigid package of fruits , vegetables , eggs , cooked food and roast food , also can be used for packaging of sandwich , biscult and some other packages llke fresh flower .

Main Technical Parameters

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